Adult Protective & Preventive Services

Adult Protective & Preventive Services


Vulnerable adults, both the elderly and those with disabilities, are sometimes abused or neglected by their caregivers or others. The Department of Social Services employs specially trained caseworkers to investigate and respond to reports of physical, emotional, or financial abuse and various types of neglect. Workers in this area are particularly sensitive to an adults’ right to make his own decisions, even when we do not agree with them. Except in rare instances, services are voluntary.

Reports of potential adult abuse are accepted at


Adult abuse can sometimes be prevented through the provision of services. Casework services are available for this purpose. Caseworkers generally make personal contacts with the potentially abused adult, family members, and other care providers. Referrals are frequently made for other needed services.

Financial Management Services

Some adults are not able to manage their personal finances. This may result in unnecessary eviction, utility shut off, hunger, or other problems. We provide direct financial management for these adults, paying their bills directly. Most are referred by the Social Security Administration, although self referrals and other referrals will be considered.