Child Support Unit

Child Support Unit

7 Court Street PO Box 27
Belmont, NY 14813

Phone: 888.208.4485

Paternity Establishment

Prior to obtaining a court order for child support payments, mothers who were not married to their child’s father must legally establish the child’s paternity. Options for paternity establishment include signed written acknowledgement by the parties, court hearings and determinations, and blood testing. We work cooperatively with single mothers and the court to establish paternity.

Support Establishment

Once paternity is established, single parents are encouraged to seek a court order establishing a legal requirement for absent parents to financially help support their children. In addition to setting regular payments that an absent parent must make for his or her children, the court may also determine the absent parent’s responsibilities for assisting with costs of medical coverage and childcare costs. Support Unit staff help custodial parents complete the necessary paperwork, and otherwise assist them navigate the court system and its processes. This service is provided free of charge to all Allegany County residents.

Support Collection

Upon receipt of a court order for child support to be paid, the Support Collection Unit takes a lead role in obtaining the child support. Working with local employers as well as those across the state and the country, we receive payments that are withheld from absent parents’ paychecks, as well as those made personally by people who are self-employed or unemployed. Payments will then be sent directly to the custodial parent, or will be used to offset the costs of Allegany County support of the child. There is no cost to Allegany County custodial parents for this service.

Support Enforcement

Absent parents sometimes fall behind in their support payments. If this happens, the Support Unit takes action to collect past due child support and ensure future payments. This may include filing legal petitions, referral to a credit bureau or the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, interception of Federal or State income tax refunds, suspension of driver’s or professional licenses, or other action. There is no cost to Allegany County custodial parents for this service.

Parent Locator Services

Absent parents can sometimes be difficult to find. The Support Unit has linkages with many outside agencies to assist in locating these absent parents. They may do searches through the US Postal Service, wage or other employment reports, Department of Motor Vehicles searches, the IRS, the Social Security Administration, the Veteran’s Administration, and many other options. There is no cost to Allegany County custodial parents for this service.

Legal Services (income-based fees)

When the child or custodial parent receives financial or medical assistance from the Department, we contract with an attorney to represent our interests and the interests of the child in child support hearings. This service is provided free of charge to these custodial parents.

We also contract with an attorney to provide low-cost legal representation to all other custodial parents who request such assistance. These parents pay for this representation through their child support payments.

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