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County Redistricting Plan

Allegany County Local Laws provide the process by which the Allegany County Board of Legislators must reapportion or redistrict the Allegany County legislative districts. Updates on the process as we move forward will be added to this site.    

Although the Local Laws for Allegany County Reapportionment do not mandate an outlet for citizen involvement, the Allegany County Board of Legislators believes that community input is important in the redistricting process. 

On this section of the County website, community members will find the related local laws, presentations, and redistricting map options. On January 24, 2024, at a Committee of the Whole meeting of the Allegany County Board of Legislators, the board narrowed down the drafted options during the planning session from six to two.  


This presentation was utilized at the January 24, 2024, Committee of the Whole meeting of the Allegany County Board of Legislators. A link to the meeting is available here: Meeting link.

Meeting Minutes

All six options have been published for your review. According to the statue, there are standards and criteria to be followed in this process.

Rank criteria:

  1. Equal Population
  2. Protection of Voting Rights
  3. Contiguous
  4. Compact
    • Political Fairness
    • Maintain Existing Districts & Political Subdivisions
    • Communities of Interest
  5. Election Administration

Public Hearing Date: To be determined

Allegany County Redistricting Local Laws

Local Law 3 of 1993 Reapportionment of Allegany County

Local Law 1 of 2005 Reapportionment for Allegany County

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