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County-Wide Shared Services

The New York State County Wide Shared Services Initiative was designed to reduce property taxes by enabling collaboration between local governments across the state. In 2017, counties were required to establish a shared services panel consisting of the mayor of each village and the supervisor of each town. The Allegany County panel consists of 40 members comprised of the 29 Town Supervisors, ten Mayors, and the County Administrator. During panel discussions, actions were to be identified that would ultimately create savings through shared, coordinated and more efficient services. Plans that created actual and demonstrable savings were then considered for a one-time match of the net savings.

Forms, guidance and resources from NYS related to Shared Services are available by clicking on the image above.

2022 Meeting Dates and Information

No dates have been set to meet in 2022 yet.

Meeting Minutes


Panels were given the choice to submit a plan in 2017, creating a very aggressive planning timeline of approximately six months, or submit in 2018. The Allegany County Shared Services Panel voted unanimously to submit a plan in 2018, allowing more time to identify savings. Plans are now required to be submitted annually through 2025. All participation and details of the plan are provided in the final plan link below.

As part of the Shared Services Initiative, panel members are required to provide reason for their support of a plan or for their decision to decline submitting one to New York State. This requirement began in 2019. Ballots are included with each plan submission, but are provided here separately.

The County is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants to create a County-wide Shared Services Plan for the County, all 29 Towns and 10 Villages. The Plan must meet the requirements stated by New York State County-Wide Shared Services Initiative (Enacted by Part BBB of Chapter 59 of the Laws of 2017) and must yield viable cost savings projects that can be implemented during 2018-2019. Ideally, this would include projects that can be fully implemented over no more than five years with specific quantifiable financial results. The RFP and appendices are provided below.

Allegany County will accept questions in writing (letter or e-mail) until Thursday, November 30, 2017.

Sealed proposals (eight hard copies; 1 CD) must be received no later than Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. EST. PROPOSALS NOT RECEIVED PRIOR TO THIS DATE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AND WILL BE RETURNED UNOPENED AFTER RECOMMENDATION OF AWARD.


Consultant RFP November 2017

Appendix A, B and C

Appendix D CWSSI Guidance

Appendix E Meeting Calendars

General Questions

  • Carissa Knapp, County Administrator 585-268-9216
    • Mrs. Knapp is designated at the Executive Officer on the panel, and is also considered a voting member, representing sharing efforts for Allegany County.
  • Michelle Denhoff, Assistant Director of Economic Development & Planning 585-268-7153
    • Ms. Denhoff coordinates the county’s shared service initiative scheduling meetings, doing outreach to the panel, minutes, press releases and website management.

Panel Member Directory

Panel members consist of Mayors and Supervisors within the Allegany County boundary. Please check the latest directory to contact a panel member. The member directory for 2022 is not yet available. The link will be updated as appropriate.