County Clerk


  • Deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Judgments
  • Federal Liens
  • Building Loans Agreements
  • Certificate of Assumed Business Names (DBA)
  • Release of Estate Tax Liens
  • Civil Court Records
  • Divorces
  • Certificates of Partnership
  • Military Discharges
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Uniform Commercial Codes
  • Social Service Liens
  • Tax Delinquency – In Rem Proceedings
  • Redemption Certificates
  • State Tax Warrants
  • Notice of Pendency
  • Census Books
    1850, 1855, 1860, 1865, 1870, 1875, 1880, 1892, 1905, 1915 and 1925 . A Census Certificate may be obtained from the County Clerk. The fee is $5.00 per certificate.
  • Marriage Records
    The only marriage records which we have in this office are for the years 1908 to April 1935. Marriage records are kept in the Office of the Town Clerk of the town where the license is issued and also with the NYS Dept. of Health.
  • Court Records
    No alphabetical listing but the cases fall in order of their occurrence back to 1806.
  • Miscellaneous Records
    These ledger books go back to 1806 and contain listings such as: Formations of some churches, listing Elders, Deacons, etc.: formation of many school districts with names, misc. legal appointments, misc. sales, Civil War soldier discharges, etc., etc. There are 18 volumes labeled Misc. A through R.
  • Birth/Death Records
    This office has no records of births or deaths. In New York State birth and death records are kept in the office of the Registrar of Vital Statistics of the village, town or city where the birth/death occurs and also in the New York State Dept. of Health, Office of Vital Records, Albany, New York 12237