H. Kier Dirlam

Director of Planning

Mr. Dirlam has over 25 years of municipal planning experience.  He also has background in GIS and administration.  Previous experience includes civil engineering, construction layout, civil design, permit writing, environmental clean-up, and website development. He has overseen the creation of numerous comprehensive plans including two County Comprehensive Plans that have won recognition from New York Planning Federation and one from the Upstate Chapter of the APA.  The office of planning works directly with the offices of Tourism, Development and the IDA on a regular basis.  

Phone: 585-268-7442
Fax: 585-268-7473


About the Planning Office

Allegany County Planning is located at the Crossroads Center at 6087 State Route 19N in Belmont, NY. Allegany County Department of Planning offers assistance to local municipalities with planning, GIS, Environmental Assistance and demographic information. Our office is also responsible for site location recommendations to commercial businesses, project development & grant finding, assistance to trails and open space stakeholders, census and processing New York State Law 239 referrals for review by the Allegany County Planning Board.

County Meetings

Planning Board

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Meet our Staff

Michelle Denhoff
Deputy Director of Planning

Michelle was hired in 2016 as the Planning & Development Specialist. In her current capacity, she is responsible for management of several projects including the County Comprehensive Plan, community outreach, shared services with the County Administrator and other projects as they are presented. She is currently working with the Office of Emergency Services to coordinate outreach efforts related to an update of the county Hazard Mitigation Plan, and is responsible for providing support to the Planning Board.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management and has completed several training classes to further her career in Planning. Prior to working for Allegany County, she was employed in environmental consulting, manufacturing and higher education.

Amanda Joyce-Phelps

Amanda joined the office in 2022 as an Associate Planner and was promoted to Planner in 2023. She has a background in local government and non-profit leadership. Amanda is responsible for a variety of planning related projects and is currently working with the Office of Emergency Services to update the county Hazard Mitigation Plan. She recently assisted the Town of Willing in the creation and adoption of their first Comprehensive Plan.

She was previously a member of the Allegany County Planning Board, currently serves on the Town of Andover Board and holds an Associate’s degree in Business Marketing from Alfred State College. She is also a 2020 graduate of Leadership Allegany.

Stacy Beardsley
Associate Planner

Stacy also joined the office in 2022 as a Planning & Development Specialist. Her current responsibilities include Tourism coordination, implementing strategies to differentiate our county from others in the region through advertising, promotions, trade events, and visitor experience initiatives to stimulate economic growth for Allegany county, as well as updates to the WNY Wilds website, and grant assistance.

Stacy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from SUNY Empire State College. She offers a background in non-profit work, public relations and grant management.

Angela McKay
Planning and Development Specialist

Angela joined the office in 2018 and is primarily responsible for marketing and design for Tourism and Development. She held a key role during the most recent update of the County Comprehensive Plan. She also served as lead in designing the WNY Wilds tour guide and other various tourism guides, as well as the rebrand from Discover Allegany County to Western NY Wilds that was launched in 2020.

Angela holds a Master’s degree from Saint Bonaventure University in Integrated Marketing & Communications. She previously worked as marketing coordinator for a higher education institute, has experience in manufacturing and dabbles in free lance writing.

Have a question, but not sure who to talk to? Call us at (585)268-7472


  • COVID-19 Pandemic Our office assists with COVID-19 reporting, that previously including a data dashboard that was updated daily through mid-2021.
  • Website Management – We manage and, as well as various facebook pages that offer up to date information on grants, training, development and related to local goverment.
  • LWRP – Allegany County has been working with the consultant, Ingalls Planning & Design, and participating municipalities along the Genesee River to develop the Southern Genesee River Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan. The plan is expected to be approved in 2022 or early 2023.
  • Won the NY Planning Federation Comprehensive Plan Award for the update to the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Trail Coordination – There are several trail interest groups in Allegany County, and the office assisted in the creation of the new county Trails and Outdoor Recreation Committee to help share information and provide solutions to area concerns.
  • Municipal Assistance – Assistance has been offered to numerous local municipalities:
    • Town & Village of Alfred to complete and approve their Comprehensive Plan;
    • Town of Willing to create a Planning Board and a comprehensive plan;
    • Town & Village of Cuba to create a Comprehensive Plan;
    • Initial work with Wellsville on updating their Comprehensive Plan;
    • Angelica to update their Comprehensive Plan, create a Planning Board and create a site plan review law;
    • Town of Angelica in creating an ATV law;
    • Supported several community visualization projects designed by Alfred State College Architectural and Design class.
    • Provide online access to pictometry for various uses including site development and assessment.
  • GML 239 Referrals – The office reviews all submissions of General Municipal Law 239 l, m &n referrals, and provides assistance to the Allegany County Board.
  • Census Data – We collect and analyze various data sets including general census, population, and labor statistics and have worked with the US Bureau of Census Data to help promote the Census and provide accurate information.
  • County-Wide Shared Services Initiative – We assisted the County Administrator with the NYS required Shared Services plan development in 2018 and 2019. Plans were not developed in 2020 or 2021.
  • GIS – Many GIS maps have been created in support of tourism, trail development, river development, river access parks, EMS needs, election districts, and more.
  • Allegany Connection Trail – Through a Ralph Wilson Grant, we were able to complete an analysis of available options to create a connection from the WAG Trail in Wellsville, north to the Greenway Trail in Belfast.
  • Trail Towns – We continue to collaborate with Letchworth Gateway Villages to establish three official Trail Towns in Allegany County – Cuba, Caneadea and Hume.
  • Allegany County Land Bank – We provide support to the Land Bank to improve housing stock and property values within the County.
  • Allegany County Telecommunications Development Corporation – The office also provides support to this group, actively working on broadband issues and last mile providers to help bring internet into areas that are not currently served.
  • Grants – Staff continues to work with local municipalities and various consulting agencies to provide grant assistance where needed, through our agreement with Rotella Grants.
  • Development and Allegany County Industrial Development Agency – We have provided assistance on various development projects including:
    • Crossroads Development, Industrial parks, mapping.
    • Waterline project from Friendship to Belvidere.
    • Opening of the Quicklee’s Travel Center at the corner of NY19 & CR 20.
    • Supported training and outreach for local businesses.
    • Numerous energy projects in community solar, Alle-Catt Wind Facility in the towns of Rushford & Centerville, Moraine Solar Facility in Burns, Alfred Oaks Solar in Alfred, and Cold Creek Solar in Hume.
    • Participated on the Allegany County Economic Development Team activities with special focus on reopening plans from COVID-19.
  • Tourism – The office is now responsible for the Allegany County Tourism program and has worked to develop marketing materials, established the WNY Wilds brand, and developed a WNY Wilds style guide for use by public and private entities.
  • Business Sites in Allegany County – The office manages an inventory of available commercial properties within Allegany County, primarily used for third party inquiries. There is no fee for inclusion and our office receives no commission on successful sales through our search.
  • Hazard Mitigation – The next update is due in 2023 and the office is working with Emergency Services to coordinate efforts with municipalities.