H. Kier Dirlam

Director of Planning

Mr. Dirlam has over 25 years of municipal planning experience.  He also has background in GIS and administration.  Previous experience includes civil engineering, construction layout, civil design, permit writing, environmental clean-up, and website development. He has overseen the creation of numerous comprehensive plans including two County Comprehensive Plans that have won recognition from New York Planning Federation and one from the Upstate Chapter of the APA.  The office of planning works directly with the offices of Tourism, Development and the IDA on a regular basis.  Feel free to reach out to discuss your project.

Phone: 585-268-7442
Fax: 585-268-7473


Welcome to the Allegany County Department of Planning

Allegany County Planning is located at the Crossroads Center, 2/10 mile north of I-86 Exit 30 on NYS Route 19. Allegany County Department of Planning offers assistance to local municipalities with planning, GIS, Environmental Assistance and demographic information.

Michelle Denhoff
Assistant Director of Economic Development and Planning

Amanda Joyce-Phelps
Associate Planner

Stacy Beardsley
Planning and Development Specialist

Angela McKay
Planning and Development Specialist

Pamela Common
Confidential Secretary to the Director of Planning

Allegany County Planning
6087 NYS Route 19N – Suite 100
Belmont, NY 14813
Phone: 585.268.7472

Upcoming Training and Events

Some of the projects that have been underway through the Planning office include:

COVID-19 PANDEMIC The office assists the County in maintaining the website and there is a page dedicated to County Planning activities. We also Facebook Pages to let the public know of grants, training, Development and news related to Planning and Development.

During 2020 a wide variety of planning and development projects were worked on and completed:


  • Allegany County has been working with the consultant, Ingalls Planning, and municipalities along the Genesee River to develop the Southern Genesee River Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan.
  • Won the NY Planning Federation Comprehensive Plan Award for the update to the Comprehensive Plan.
  • The office assisted in the creation of the new county Trails and Outdoor Recreation Committee.
  • The office assisted numerous local municipalities:
    • Town & Village of Alfred to complete and approve their Comprehensive Plan;
    • Town of Willing to create a Planning Board;
    • Town & Village of Cuba to create a Comprehensive Plan;
    • Initial work with Wellsville on updating their Comprehensive Plan;
    • Angelica to update their Comprehensive Plan, create a Planning Board and create a site plan review law;
    • Town of Angelica in creating an ATV law;
    • Participated in community visualization project in the Town of Caneadea.
  • Reviewed projects under GML Section 239 and reported to the Allegany County Planning Board.
  • Analyzed various issues including census, population, labor, solar siting, and wind farm siting.
  • Assisted the County Administrator with the NYS required Shared Services plan development.
  • Created many GIS maps in support of tourism, trails development, blueways development, river access parks, EMS needs, and election districts.
  • Worked to do outreach for Census2020 through a grant from NYS.
  • Worked on an analysis of a connector trail from Belfast to Wellsville through a grant from the Ralph Wilson Foundation.
  • Continued to work with a five county group on a USDA REDI project from PA line to Rochester and development of Trail Towns.
  • Provided online access to Pictometry photography to departments, Towns and Villages.
  • The office continues to participate in the Allegany County Land Bank to improve housing stock and improve property values within the County.
  • The office is actively working on broadband issues with the ACTDC and last mile providers.
  • Working with local municipalities to get grants for projects through our agreement with Rotella Grants.
  • Bringing on-line GIS mapping to our website.
  • Assisting the Allegany County IDA with Development projects.
    • Worked on various projects including: the Crossroads Development, Industrial parks, mapping.
    • The waterline project was completed from Friendship to Belvidere.
    • The Quicklee’s Travel Center opened at NY19 & CR 20.
    • Supported training and outreach for local businesses.
    • Provide on-going support to the Allegany County website for management and updates.
    • Worked with the Tourism staff to update the Tourism website [transferred the old [ to].
    • Notified of numerous energy projects in development including community solar, approvals on the Alle-Catt Wind Facility in the northwest part of the County, the 500 Acre Moraine Solar Facility in the northeast part of the County.
  • Working with Alfred State College on Development and Marketing projects for the County.
    • Participated on the Allegany County Economic Development Team activities with special focus on reopening plans from COVID-19.
    • Developed marketing materials for the County and unveiled the WNY Wilds brand, website and developed a style guide for WNY Wilds.
  • Working with the Greater Allegany Chamber of Commerce on Tourism promotion.
  • Available Business Sites in Allegany County
    • Do you know of or own a property that is appropriate for commercial or Industrial use? Would you like to submit it to the Allegany County Business Site inventory?  There is no fee to be included. All contacts and negotiations will go through the owner or their broker. Let us know about the property today! Call Michelle Denhoff at 585-268-7153 and discuss the location.

The County Planning Board works directly with the Planning Department.

Allegany County Planning is located at the Crossroads Center north of I-86 Exit 30 on NYS Route 19 – 6087 NYS Route 19N – Suite 100.

Other Planning Services

General Planning Services are provided by the Office that are available include:

  • Flood Plain questions
  • Site Location assistance for businesses
  • Assistance with business development projects.
  • Local zoning and planning questions
  • Assistance on Development Projects
  • Project development and grant availability assistance
  • Processing NYS Law 239 referrals
  • Trail & Open Space Issues
  • Geographic Information System [GIS] Requests
  • Environmental Compliance Questions
  • Census and Demographic Information research assistance.