County Maps

These are the Maps from the 2019 update to the Comprehensive Plan

Included Maps:

Regional Context

Town & Villages

Legislative Districts

Steep Slopes

Population Change 2017

Population Density




Bus Service

Electric Service



Farmland Soils

Ag Districts

Historic Districts & Sites

Museums & Libraries

Flood Plains


Oil & Gas

Surface Waters



Sub-Surface Waters

Development Corridors


Land Cover

Land Use


Planning Boards

Municipal Comprehensive Plans

Open Space Parks Forests


Fire Districts



These Maps are maps for the 2013 update to the Comprehensive Plan.

Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Section V

Section VI

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County Planner
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The Maps below are from the 2008 Comprehensive Plan.

These maps are for general use. All maps are .pdfs and are viewable using Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Maps that are included within the Plan include:

Section I

Regional Context
Allegany County Context: Town and Village Boundaries
Allegany County Context: Legislative Districts
Allegany County Natural Environment: Areas with a Steep Slope
Allegany County Demographics: Estimated 2005 Population by Town

Section II

Allegany County Built Environment: Highway and Road System
Allegany County Built Environment: Railroads
Allegany County Open Space: Recreational Trail ways
Allegany County Community Facilities: Public Transportation – Bus Service
Allegany County Built Environment: Electric Providers
Allegany County Built Environment: Existing and Planned Water Service Areas
Allegany County Built Environment: Existing and Planned Sewer Service Areas

Section III

Allegany County Agriculture: Farmland Soils – SSURGO Database
Allegany County Agriculture: Farmland Soils – STATSGO Database
Allegany County Agriculture: Agricultural Districts (2004)
Allegany County Resources: Historic Districts & Properties
Allegany County Open Space: New York State Land
Allegany County Natural Environment: 100-Year Floodplain
Wind Development in the Region
Allegany County Resources: Mines – DMN Database
Allegany County Resources: Oil, Gas & Storage Wells – DMN Database
Allegany County Natural Environment: Regulatory Freshwater Wetlands
Allegany County Natural Environment: Sub-watersheds
Allegany County Natural Environment: Surface Water Features

Section IV

Allegany County Business: Economic Development Target Areas
Allegany County Business: Economic Development Corridors
Allegany County Community Facilities: Schools & School Districts

Section V

Allegany County Land Use: Existing Land Cover (1999)
Allegany County Land Use: Existing Land Use (2007)
Allegany County Land Use: Existing Zoning Ordinances
Allegany County Land Use: Existing Planning Boards
Allegany County Land Use: Existing Comprehensive Plans

Section VI

Allegany County Community Facilities: Ambulance Districts
Allegany County Community Facilities: Police Coverage
Allegany County Community Facilities: Fire Districts

Village of Wellsville Zoning Map – 2005

Allegany County Data & Demographic Information

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