GIS/County Mapping

Allegany County maintains a large variety of GIS data at various offices.

The Planning Office has a wide variety of data sources that it maintains including tourism data, updated streets data, streams, etc. We utilize aerial images from NYS GIS Clearinghouse for base imagery. If you have data/map/GIS needs call us at 585-268-7472 to discuss what we can do to work with you. We utilize ArcEditor from ESRI for preparing and maintaining our GIS.

Please note: The Parcels Map below is not current.  To access the current Parcels Map, please use the following link:

We utilize GIS in the Emergency Services Office for 911 Dispatch, Parcel data is maintained by the Office of Real Property, You can utilize their website to access parcel data on-line and with maps by clicking here. Soil & Water Conservation District maintains various soil related data sets.

National Wetlands Inventory
The web mapping application at this U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) site shows wetland type and extent using a biological definition of wetlands.

NYS DEC Environmental Resource Mapper
The web mapping application at this New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) shows freshwater wetlands, surface water features (streams, lakes, etc.), significant natural communities and unique geological features.

The County Planner has been working with the Tourism people to develop a new ArcGIS Online web map portal for Tourism information. Zoom in to an area of the County to see what is available in this area. Click on an icon to see what it is. Additional information will be added in the coming months as the data is developed.

Southern Tier West works directly with the communities on infrastructure mapping projects. STW GIS Viewer

These are some other services that you may find of use with on-line viewers and mapping applications.


NYS GIS Association

Data sources for your use available from state and federal sources


NYS GIS Clearinghouse


ESRI Data Site


County Maps

These Maps are draft maps for the 2013 update to the Comprehensive Plan.

Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Section V

Section VI

Comments or suggestions for additional maps please send to:

County Planner
6087 NYS Route 19 N
Belmont, NY 14813

or via e-mail to with Subject Line: Comprehensive Plan Map Comments

The Maps below are from the 2008 Comprehensive Plan.

These maps are for general use. All maps are .pdfs and are viewable using Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Maps that are included within the Plan include:

Section I

Regional Context
Allegany County Context: Town and Village Boundaries
Allegany County Context: Legislative Districts
Allegany County Natural Environment: Areas with a Steep Slope
Allegany County Demographics: Estimated 2005 Population by Town

Section II

Allegany County Built Environment: Highway and Road System
Allegany County Built Environment: Railroads
Allegany County Open Space: Recreational Trail ways
Allegany County Community Facilities: Public Transportation – Bus Service
Allegany County Built Environment: Electric Providers
Allegany County Built Environment: Existing and Planned Water Service Areas
Allegany County Built Environment: Existing and Planned Sewer Service Areas

Section III

Allegany County Agriculture: Farmland Soils – SSURGO Database
Allegany County Agriculture: Farmland Soils – STATSGO Database
Allegany County Agriculture: Agricultural Districts (2004)
Allegany County Resources: Historic Districts & Properties
Allegany County Open Space: New York State Land
Allegany County Natural Environment: 100-Year Floodplain
Wind Development in the Region
Allegany County Resources: Mines – DMN Database
Allegany County Resources: Oil, Gas & Storage Wells – DMN Database
Allegany County Natural Environment: Regulatory Freshwater Wetlands
Allegany County Natural Environment: Sub-watersheds
Allegany County Natural Environment: Surface Water Features

Section IV

Allegany County Business: Economic Development Target Areas
Allegany County Business: Economic Development Corridors
Allegany County Community Facilities: Schools & School Districts

Section V

Allegany County Land Use: Existing Land Cover (1999)
Allegany County Land Use: Existing Land Use (2007)
Allegany County Land Use: Existing Zoning Ordinances
Allegany County Land Use: Existing Planning Boards
Allegany County Land Use: Existing Comprehensive Plans

Section VI

Allegany County Community Facilities: Ambulance Districts
Allegany County Community Facilities: Police Coverage
Allegany County Community Facilities: Fire Districts

Village of Wellsville Zoning Map – 2005

Allegany County Data & Demographic Information