Allegany County Planning Board


The Allegany County Planning Board provides local governments with advisory reviews of zoning amendments and other planning actions, participate in the County Comprehensive Plan amendments, and serve on the County’s Comprehensive Plan Implementation Group. Members represent a variety of disciplines and backgrounds including Secondary and College Education, Transportation, Industry, Agriculture, Food, non-profits and Health.

The Board’s meetings are typically held the third Wednesday of every month, pending receipt of referrals at 6087 State Route 19N, Belmont, NY 14813. Members are being encouraged to join in person; however, the meetings are conducted using zoom. Guests can also utilize this feature for attendance, but must contact Kier Dirlam to request the link.


There are currently two vacancies – one in District 4 (Wellsville, Andover) and one in District 2 (Clarksville, Cuba, Friendship, Amity, Ward, New Hudson) on the Allegany County Planning Board. If interested, please notify Kier Dirlam via email.

District 1

Valerie Perkins

Jean-Louis Roederer

District 4

Ken Williams


District 2


Paula VanDyke

District 5

Jon Gorton

Chuck Jessup

Jim Ninos

District 3

Jason Isaman

John Stoltzfus


Phil Stockin

Terri Ross

Tom Windus


Municipalities or the referring agency are requested to submit a complete referral package to the board at by the second Wednesday of the month to be considered for the monthly meeting. If the package is received and deemed incomplete, it may be deferred to the next monthly meeting for review. Please provide the referral form with ALL submittals.

When a Referral is Required

Referrals to the Allegany County Planning Board are required by New York State General Municipal Law, section 239 l, m & n for the following actions:

  • Adoption or amendment of a comprehensive plan
  • Adoption or amendment of a zoning ordinance
  • Adoption or amendment of another type of land use ordinance (site plan review, renewable energy law, historic site or districts, etc.)
  • Issuance of special use permits or area variances
  • Site Plan submissions
  • If a project is within a property boundary of 500 feet to
    • a municipal boundary
    • a right of way to an existing or proposed County or State road
    • Boundary of a farm operation within an agricultural district
    • County or State Park recreational area
    • Existing or proposed boundary of any County or State owned land where a public building or institution is located.

Allegany County Municipal Guide, NYS General Municipal Law 239 – This guide was created in 2022 to help municipalities or other referring agencies determine when a referral is required.

Sending Referrals to the Planning Board

Referral packages may be delivered via email, thumb drive, or online platform for consideration. Please note that fax is not ideal.

If sending paper copies please contact us to ensure that the package is complete before sending.

Agricultural District Referrals are NOT handled by the Planning Department or the Planning Board in Allegany County.  Please call the Allegany County Soil & Water Conservation District for these referrals.  They were given authority to process in 1998. Call (585) 268-5840 or checkout:

Meeting Agenda







  1. DEC Report
  2. Intergovernmental Review Projects [IRP’S]
  3. Southern Tier West Regional Planning and Development Report
  4. Community Planning Updates
  5. Continuing Education & Training
  6. Events
  7. Planning & Economic Development Office Report & Updates



Meeting Minutes

Land Use Maps

Zoning Laws are present in the following Towns and Villages:

  1. Village of Wellsville
  2. Village of Belmont
  3. Town and Village of Alfred
  4. Town and Village of Almond
  5. Town of Grove
  6. Town of Rushford
  7. Town of Caneadea
  8. Village of Cuba

Planning Boards are present in the following Towns and Villages:

  1. Town and Village of Alfred
  2. Town of Almond
  3. Town of Amity
  4. Village of Angelica
  5. Town of Burns
  6. Village of Canaseraga
  7. Town of Caneadea
  8. Village of Cuba
  9. Town of Grove
  10. Town of Rushford
  11. Town and Village of Wellsville
  12. Town of Willing