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Office Hours: 8:30am – 4:00pm
Fax: 585-268-9614

Phone: 585-268-9381

The Allegany County Clerk’s Office and the Office of Real Property will begin accepting the Online Generated Real Property Transfer Report starting June 1st, 2013. You can download Form RP-5217-PDF at We will no longer accept the old style RP-5217 after December 31, 2013.


(585) 268-9381

Dezeree Owens
Tax Assessment Supervisor

Jamie O’Kelly
Real Property Tax Service Aide

Lisa Schmitt
Account Clerk


(585) 268-9385

Trever Annis
Senior Tax Map Technician

Rhiley Langworthy
Tax Map Clerk


Tax information


  • 1 – 10 Towns $25.00
  • Over 10 Towns $50.00
  • LISTINGS (Assessment Rolls, Cross References, etc. $15 flat fee) $0.03 parcel
  • CUSTOM REPORTS $0.03 parcel
  • LABELS $0.07 parcel
  • LABELS & LISTINGS $0.07 parcel
  • ENTIRE DB/LOG FILE (disk or email) $500.00

Note: Payment to be made prior to or upon pickup of order. Checks to be made to the order of the Allegany County Treasurer. The Treasurer needs to have a copy of the invoice with the cash or check, as well as the purchaser having a copy and a copy to be kept in our files.

Please enter our Revenue Account number on the bottom of the invoice:

  • A02.126608 for: labels, discs, cross references, etc.
  • A03.2210 for: schools, villages, towns, soil & water, etc.  (inter-government account)

COPY OF TAX MAP (fee set by Local Law #2-2013 ):

  • 18” x 24” color prints $10.00
  • 32″ x 40″ color prints $20.00
  • 8 ½” x 11” (or 14”) color prints $3.00
  • 18” x 24” black and white prints $6.00
  • 32″ x 40″ black and white prints $10.00
  • 8 ½” x 11” (or 14”) and 11” x 17” black and white prints $1.00
  • Email Attachment (.PDF of a section of tax map) $3.00
  • Reval Maps – If done in-house by Town, no charge. If done by Contracted Firm, $3.00 per map digitally OR $6.00 per map hard copy
  • **The entire set of Allegany County tax maps (611 prints) is available at the cost of $ 2,000.00

FILED RECORDS (Fee set by Allegany County Clerk):

  • Scanned Image of FILED Survey Map $10.00 each
  • E-Mail Attachment FILED Survey Map $5.00 each
  • Oil & Gas Maps (CD or Hardcopy) $200.00 each
  • Deep Wells 1979 (CD or Hardcopy) $50.00 each
  • PS&N RR Maps (Electronic – $250.00) (Hard Copies – $300.00)


  • ** County Shape File (must have ESRI compatible software to view) $1,000.00 each
  • County PDF File (All tax maps in PDF format) $500.00 each
  • Town Shape file (must have ESRI compatible software to view) $0.10 per parcel*
  • Town PDF File $3.00 per map section
  • *Parcel count is taken from latest final assessment roll
  • ** County shape file purchasers are eligible for up to 4 updates of the county shape file@ $100.00 each. This is valid for a period ending 3 years from the initial purchase date.


Maps created by merging existing tax map data – $6.00 per TOWN MERGED

GIS ANALYSIS – $30.00 per hour for map and data creation.

Personal Scans – $3.00 each

Current U.S. Postage rates will apply for mail orders
For Custom map orders (i.e. Digital files, 18″ x 24″ reduced map copies, or created maps), contact mapping supervisor

Allegany County Highway Maps, 2000 Edition – $1.00 each

Available for public inspection only in our office:

  • 1985 Aerial photographs
  • Topographic maps

(we do not have the authority to make determinations from or copies of these)