Sheriff’s Office


The following websites or activities are things that you can reference on a regular basis to help find your calm and refocus thoughts.

Attend a Peer Support training (write a reflection on your experience).

Download of these Meditation Apps (Use the app each day for 7 to 15 days-length of the free trial. Write a reflection). Calm; Headspace; Insight Timer

Covering on-call / providing “formal” peer support  (write a reflection on what you learned).

Make a list of stress triggers and ideas of how to deal them (journal for 15 days about when you used them and what you noticed by using a coping skill).

Learn a new healthy skill like Box breathing (practice this for 10 minutes each day X 15 days. Write a reflection).

Complete the 30 Day Happiness Challenge. (Print calendar. Complete tasks. Write a reflection).

Keep a gratitude journal (Journal for 15 days. Write a reflection). Finch App; Gratitude Journal App; Gratitude Prompts

The Awe project (5-day commitment/ 2 times a day. Write a reflection).

Find a moment or “awe” in nature. (Take a picture of it for 5 days. Write a reflection).

Attend a service (different from your own, if currently attending. Write a reflection).

Read Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement (write a reflection).

Read a religious or spiritual book (write a reflection).

Download the abide app (7 -day free trial.  Use for 7 days. Write a reflection).

Take an on-line or in-person class or in-service training (write a reflection ).

Read an article from Desert Waters or CorrectionsOne (write a reflection).

Learn a new skill to use at work (how will this improve your work?).  Create a plan to implement this at work (write a reflection).

Learn a new skill to use at home (how will this skill help you?). Write out a plan to implement this at home.

Join a book club ( write a reflection).

Join a Trivia night ( write a reflection).

Download a Health App. Track for 15 days. Journal about your experience. 

Join a fitness group. )Attend for 2 weeks. Write a reflection).

Pay attention to the use of alcohol  (download the sunyside app. Try it for 15 days. Track progress. Write a reflection).

Meet with a health provider or nutritionist (Or download the Lose it app). Try it for 15 days. Track progress. Write a reflection.

Locate and make a new, healthy recipe and take a picture. Do this 1X week for 2 weeks.

Keep a sleep log x15 days

Complete preventative screenings  (colonoscopy; mammogram; prostate exam).

Improve sleep environment (keep a journal for 15 days. Write a reflection) through us of a calming App, white noise machine, blackout blinds, etc.

Add one object of beauty to your office/work space (Write a reflection).

Pick up trash (Organize a community event or do it yourself. Write a reflection).

Unplug from technology (What social media site do you use most often? Unplug for 15 days- can’t unplug completely; or choose a timeframe (EX: 4:00 to 7:00 PM each day. Write a reflection).

30 Day Declutter Challenge. (Print calendar. Complete task. Take  before & after pictures. Write a reflection).

Run a credit report.

Organize debt by interest rate. Develop a pay off plan.

Visit a financial planner (implement the for 15 days).

Develop a weekly or monthly budget (follow it for 15 days). Download MINT, Truebills Mobills, Spending Tracker to guide you.

Attend a Deferred Compensation or retirement planning seminar (write a reflection).

Develop a retirement budget plan.

Open a savings account. (Add a small monthly automatic payment, if possible. Write a reflection).

Making a list or review your bank account of all purchases in one week. Develop a plan.

Attend an in-service training that is not required  (Write a reflection).

Watch a work-related webinar live or recorded (Write a reflection).

Sign up for a professional group email or newsletter (read 1 article and write a reflection) like CorrectionsOne, Desert Waters, etc.

Listen to a work related, skills podcast (Write a reflection on what you learned).

Read a skills improvement book like Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement- Gilmartin (Write a reflection on what you learned).

Start working on your promotion / retirement plan (Write out a plan, if possible, implement first step).

Work on work/life balance (OT, second jobs). Write a plan for how you will have better balance. Follow for 15 days.

Create a transition routine from work to home (follow these suggestions for 15 days and write a reflection).

Attend a social event outside of your “group” non-LE. (Write a reflection).

Have a date night with your partner (2 times within the next 3 months. Write a reflection).

Have a play date with your child(ren) (2 times within the next 3 months. Write a reflection).

Join a community event. (Write a reflection).