Allegany County STOP-DWI Program

Brian Perkins, Coordinator

5 Court Street Rm 1 Belmont, NY 14813
Phone: 585.268.5394

The Allegany County STOP-DWI program remains committed to the goal of maintaining a safe environment for its residents by continuing to reduce alcohol related fatalities and injuries on its highways. The County program plan and budget continues to identify local problems, and the program coordinator develops strategies and determine costs to help meet the program goal in addressing the identified problem areas.

The Allegany County community stands united in its concern that police should remove the threat imposed by drunk drivers from our highways. The Coordinator, meets with police agencies throughout the year to plan DWI-related seminars and training and to discuss traffic issues. Furthermore, the Coordinator participates in the planning of unannounced DWI patrols which will be funded under contract in local municipalities. These agencies, including the New York State Police also participate in county-wide blanket patrols.

The STOP-DWI Program continues to support the prosecution of drinking driver arrests by contributing funds for an assistant District Attorney position. The Allegany County Probation Dept. continues to receive funding to collect fines for the judges, conduct pre-sentence investigations and supervise probationers.

In the realm of Youth education/prevention, Allegany County STOP-DWI remains committed to supporting local SADD Chapters. Youth strategies are planned with SADD school advisors for reducing underage drinking and traffic accidents. STOP-DWI program coordinates and funds a one day SADD student leadership training conference every fall. STOP-DWI continues to promote and fund various programs and activities locally available for in-school presentations. This agency collects and maintains DWI research materials and statistics which will be made available to local students.

In an effort to maintain public awareness of STOP-DWI throughout the year this agency purchases radio air time for advertising, promotes newspaper articles and distributes statistics. The program participates in local health fairs. This agency will continue to participate in the Allegany County Traffic Safety Board. A reception to promote Drunk Driver Awareness is held every December in the County Office Building.

Since 1996, the Allegany County STOP-DWI Office has assumed the administration of the Victim Impact panel. This agency, together with The Allegany County Probation Department and Allegany Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (ACASA) will work to promote the Victim Panel with the county and municipal justices. STOP-DWI recognizes the proven success of this Panel as a prevention/intervention/accountability tool. See below for Victim Impact Panel dates.

The Allegany County STOP-DWI continues to expand services to enforcement, prosecution, prevention and education agencies to meet the goals of our program plan.

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Victim Impact Panel Dates

May 26, 2020 – CANCELED, Anyone enrolled for this VIP has been moved to August

August 18, 2020

November 17, 2020

February 23, 2021

May 25, 2021