Allegany County STOP-DWI Program

Scott Grantier, Coordinator

7 Court Street Rm 32 Belmont, NY 14813
Phone: 585.268.9486

The Allegany County STOP-DWI program remains committed to the goal of maintaining a safe environment for its residents by continuing to reduce alcohol related fatalities and injuries on its highways. The County program plan and budget continues to identify local problems, and the program coordinator develops strategies and determine costs to help meet the program goal in addressing the identified problem areas.

The Allegany County community stands united in its concern that police should remove the threat imposed by drunk drivers from our highways. The coordinator meets with police agencies throughout the year to plan DWI-related seminars and training and to discuss traffic issues. Furthermore, the Coordinator participates in the planning of unannounced DWI patrols which will be funded under contract in local municipalities. These agencies, including the New York State Police also participate in county-wide blanket patrols. 

“We are dedicated to coordinating local efforts with Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Rehabilitation, Public Information, Education, and Administration.   We aim to build strong collaborations and open communication with all stakeholders in our shared mission for public safety.” Scott Grantier, Director of Probation and STOP-DWI Program Coordinator

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Staff Designees

Scott Grantier, Director of Probation and STOP-DWI Program Coordinator

Program Supervision

Scott has been designated by Chairman Harris as the STOP-DWI Program Coordinator, responsible for program development.  Scott serves as the general point of contact and will be coordinating community outreach with events and promotions.

Jessica McKnight, Probation Supervisor

HVEC Management/ Community Outreach

Jessica has been assigned tasks within the Allegany County Special Traffic Program as Local Law Enforcement Contact and coordination of the High Visibility Enforcement Campaigns (HVEC).  Additionally, Jessica will be coordinating community outreach with events and promotions.

Christopher Muhleisen, Senior Probation Officer

Victim Impact Panel Management

Christopher has been assigned with program responsibilities relating to the Victims Impact Panel.  Christopher has a specialized DWI caseload and is the contact person for questions on the Ignition Interlock program.

The Allegany County Probation Department will assume the administration of the Victim Impact panel. Allegany County Probation/ STOP DWI together with the Allegany Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (ACASA) will work to promote the Victim Panel with the county and municipal justices.  STOP-DWI recognizes the proven success of this Panel as a prevention/intervention/accountability tool.  

Victim Impact Panel Dates

May 23, 2023  

August 22, 2023          

November 11, 2023     

February 27,2024