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Workforce Development

Allegany County stands apart from other locations in the state and across the country because of our highly trained workforce.  While other areas have struggled to attract and maintain a quality workforce to bridge the jobs gap, Allegany County boasts an abundance of well-trained and skilled labor that is loyal to the region.

Access to Education

The wealth of skilled labor and industrial talent in Allegany County is due, in part, to our superior access to higher education opportunities through Alfred University, Alfred State College and the Alfred State College Vocational School, and Houghton College.  These institutions combined bring over 7,000 talented students to Allegany County annually and produce more than 1,600 well-prepared graduates each year.

Through recent grants and investments in Alfred State College’s Vocational School, including the creation of a $5 million dollar Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing Center, Allegany County is uniquely qualified to offer the best training in advanced manufacturing now and well into the future – ensuring that a high quality workforce will be readily available for years to come.

Skilled Labor

Graduates from Allegany County’s three colleges and universities supplement a talent pipeline within the county, which has helped propel the quality of our workforce well beyond the national average – with 51.25% of our population over the age of 25 receiving higher academic training and 72% of workers in the 18-24 demographic attaining college-level training at the associate degree level or higher.

Our local workforce is especially well-developed for industries including: advanced manufacturing, ceramic and glass materials manufacturing, distribution, and food production.

Employment & Training

Allegany County’s Employment & Training Center provides services to both employers and individuals, including on the job training, screening and matching potential job applicants, skills testing in reading and math, and WIOA funding to pay for training in demand occupations. You can learn more about the services offered to employers by visiting their website.

by email at or by phone at (585) 268-9240 for more information