Greetings from the County Chairman

An escape from the routine and unpolluted by the hassles of cramped urban life, the Western NY Wilds abounds in outdoor experiences. We invite you to come and live deliberately once more – breathe deeply in our fresh open air as you paddle down the Genesee River, create with purpose amid our inspiring landscapes, seek adventure freely in our untamed forests and rolling hills, and all the while, make intentional connections with the people who matter most.

Like those who have made their homes here will proudly tell you, the Wilds are a place for creators, adventure-seekers, and those forging their own path in life. Residents of the Western NY Wilds value a timeless and classically American way of life, while enjoying the benefits of residing in a place where the cost of living is 34% lower than the national average. Here, the American Dream of home ownership is still attainable — you’ll find median home prices are substantially lower than the national average, making home ownership especially affordable for young people and remote workers.

Families raising children take comfort in our safe communities, where childhood is freely experienced outdoors rather than in front of a screen, and even the daily commute to work is more peaceful. Whether you’re pursuing your passion in healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, or as an entrepreneur, you can find meaningful opportunities to work in the Wilds. From works of art to artisanal cheeses, when it’s ‘Made in the Wilds’ you’ll join the ranks of employees—and makers— who passionately create products enjoyed locally and around the world. Our well-trained and loyal workforce sets the Wilds apart from other locations across the state and the country; the quality of our workforce surpasses the national average —with 90.8% of the total population holding a high-school diploma or higher— and excellent access to workforce training and higher education programs at our three nationally-ranked local colleges.

Welcome to the Western New York Wilds — a wildly beautiful destination to live, work, and play in Allegany County!

W. Brooke Harris
Chair, Allegany County Board of Legislators