Meeting Minutes

Board of Legislators

Chambers: County Office Building, Belmont, New York
Telephone: (585) 268-9222
Board Meetings: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 2:00 p.m.

Broadband Task Force

Broadband Task Force
Chairman: Curtis Crandall
Task Force Members: Bigelow, Boyde, Curran, Dirlam, Evans, Fanton, Hooker, Pullen, Root, Zink

EMS Advisory Board

Chairman: P. Weaver
Vice Chairman: T. Sampson

Committee Members: D. Atherton, S. Campbell, S. Cicerello, K. Cottrell, N. Green, T. Koegel, T. Sampson, M. Thompson, B. VanHousen, K. Waters, P. Weaver

Fire Advisory Board

Vice Chairman:
Committee Members: 

Trails Task Force

Trails Task Force
Chair: Debra Root
Task Force Members: Clark, Decker, Dibble, Dirlam, Hanchett, Harris

Ways & Means

Ways & Means
Chairman: Brooke Harris
Vice Chairman: Dwight Fanton
Committee Members: Burdick, Curran, Demick, Havey, Ricci, Root

Solid Waste Hearing Board