Health-Related In Home Care

Health-Related In Home Care


Personal Care Services

Adults with chronic illnesses or disabilities may require personal assistance in order to safely remain in their homes. Personal care services may provide help with such things as grocery shopping, meal preparation, cleaning, and bathing. Complete individual assessments are required prior to beginning services and periodically thereafter. Services are generally limited to several hours per week. People must have Medicaid to qualify for this service. Two types of services are possible: (1) traditional care, with a licensed agency sending in specially trained staff, and (2) consumer directed care, with the person needing services recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising the aides themselves.

Private Duty Nursing

Disabled adults or children may require the services of a private duty nurse in their homes in order to remain at home, or to assist family in the care of the disabled individual. Caseworkers assist those with Medicaid or certain Medicaid-waiver programs to acquire and authorize these services. Complete assessments are required prior to the onset of services and periodically thereafter.

Alternatives to Nursing Home Care

Many older or disabled adults prefer to remain in their homes instead of considering nursing home placement. In addition to providing more familiar surroundings and greater degrees of personal decision making, home-based care is usually substantially more cost effective than nursing home care. Through cooperation with the Allegany County Department of Health, we may provide access to skilled nurses who make regular home visits. The nurses provide a wide range of services in the home, including injections, dressing changes, and medication monitoring. Other services may also be available, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, respite, nutritionist services, and lifeline. Eligibility is based on insurance availability and need. Complete assessments are required prior to the onset of services and periodically thereafter.