Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance


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Many other medical services and programs are available. Contact our office for more information. For more information about health services select a link to one of our partners.

Allegany Health Department
Jones Memorial Hospital
New York State Department of Health

Traditional Medicaid

Medicaid helps low-income families, many of whom are employed, get medical care. Preventive health care is encouraged, as well as seeing a doctor for urgent care needs. Eligibility is predominantly income based.

Medicaid Managed Care

Medicaid eligible people can choose to enroll in our Physician Case Management Program or in a Community Blue managed care program. They will then have a closer relationship with their primary care physician, who is encouraged to see patients regularly for preventive care and to monitor their health more closely.

Chronic Care Services

When people require nursing home care, many look to the Department of Social Services for assistance. Eligibility for our help is based on a combination of income and assets. The healthy spouse may need to contribute to the cost of care.