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ACCORD Offers Entrepreneur Training Course

BELMONT – On August 21, World Entrepreneurs’ Day, Allegany County celebrates the varied body of entrepreneurs that have established their businesses and their homes in Allegany County, and invites aspiring entrepreneurs to join their ranks by participating in a 10-week Entrepreneur Training Class, offered by ACCORD.
Offered twice a year for $150 registration fee by ACCORD’s Allegany Business Center, the Entrepreneur Training Course is held September 4 – November 13 with the goal of educating potential and current entrepreneurs about running their own business – from writing a business plan, to tax and insurance issues, to social media and marketing training, and providing instruction on Doing Business As (DBA) Certification.
“The course features traditional classroom lectures, local guest presenters speaking on their areas of expertise, and in-class activities, culminating in a business plan competition among class participants,” said Bryan Payne, ACCORD’s Business and Loan Manager and organizer of the Entrepreneur Training Course.
This training course will have an enduring impact on the participants and the county, as once finished, “participants will have a working business plan and the knowledge to update or edit it as needed, along with access to five years of continued technical assistance, training, and guidance” from ACCORD’s Allegany Business Center, ensuring that their businesses will be successful and supported for years to come, concluded Payne.
“As we recognize the contributions of our entrepreneurs in Allegany County on World Entrepreneurs’ Day, it’s exciting to promote this wonderful training opportunity offered by ACCORD,” said Allegany County’s Assistant Director of Economic Development & Planning, Angela McKay. “Current business owners can get strategic direction on some topics they may know little about, and potential entrepreneurs can make the right connections with the individuals and resources that will support their vision for their business.”
“One of the Office of Development’s core objectives is to foster a culture of entrepreneurship in Allegany County,” continued McKay. “We value the social, cultural, and economic input of the entrepreneurs in our communities and it’s our goal to put the right tools in the hands of our aspiring entrepreneurs to help them build successful and lasting businesses. Training opportunities, like this one through ACCORD, are exactly the kinds of support Allegany County needs to offer entrepreneurs to help them become, or continue to be, successful.”
Those who wish to complete the course should contact Bryan Payne by email at or phone at (585) 268-7080 to register.