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Economic Development Moving Forward at Crossroads

BELMONT –Economic development efforts continue to progress at the Crossroads of I-86 and Rt. 19 in Belmont –the Gateway to the three colleges, businesses, industries, and tourism in Allegany County.

Talks continue to determine ways to assure that the final planning can take place for the proposed development that includes; construction, and operation of an upscale Hilton Tru hotel and conference center, full-service restaurant, and modern fueling station that are planned for the site. Meetings with the communities of Belmont and Friendship continue to be productive.

“The Crossroads Development is one important step in the economic development of the county that will add construction and permanent jobs, along with tax revenue when the project opens,” stated Board of Legislators Chair, Curt Crandall.

“On behalf of my partner Tarpan Patel, President of Hemisphere Management LLC, and I, we are fully committed to the project and looking forward to working with the Allegany County community to finalize plans to bring the long-time dream into reality,” added Novat Corp. LLC President, Pepsy M. Kettavong.

After a change of location at the request of local residents and additional review, final designs for the waterline project, connecting the Crossroads to the Friendship water system, have now been completed and easements are in process of being signed.
“Through the cooperative efforts of local governments, the Allegany County Industrial Development Agency (ACIDA), and private property owners, efforts continue to fully develop the Gateway to Allegany County at the Crossroads,” said ACIDA Executive Director, Craig Clark.

“Commencement of the waterline project is an important step forward to create future economic development opportunities in Allegany County,” Clark continued. “Based on the research we’ve done and feedback we’ve received from site selectors, developers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs, Allegany County needs sites that are ready for development – meaning sites where utilities like water, electric, and natural gas are already in place. This project will allow development of sites that check all of those boxes, giving us a great advantage for future development opportunities.”

“We’re determined to fulfill Allegany County’s years-long vision for development at the Crossroads and the waterline is the first step. We owe a big thank-you to the Allegany County Legislature and the public for their support as we work to carry out this project for the benefit of the residents of the county,” Clark concluded.