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Our Vision, Our Mission: Outlook 2030 Approved by County Legislature

BELMONT – On Monday September 9, 2019, the Allegany County Board of Legislators approved the 2019 county-wide Comprehensive Plan, titled “Our Vision, Our Mission: Outlook for 2030”  This marks the third version of the Comprehensive plan first released in 2008 and amended in 2013.  This final version of the 2019 plan update marks the conclusion of the multi-year planning process; the expansive document was initially released for public comment back in March, which resulted in a great deal of useful feedback from Allegany County Government, public and private partner agencies, local clubs and organizations, and members of the county community.  This plan was done completely in-house with Planning Department Staff working with the Comprehensive Plan Committee.  Final printing will be done by Alfred State College.

Director of Planning H. Kier Dirlam noted in remarks to the Legislature that “The work by the Comprehensive Plan Committee over the last few years has been great.  They have gone through this plan page by page, line by line, word by word, checking everything to make sure it is as accurate as possible.  They have thought about how each line will make an impact on the future of our County.  The staff to the department has really stepped up with Michelle Denhoff completely reorganizing the plan and guiding much of the process and Angela McKay taking the plan to a new level with her language and graphic background.  They are making all of us in Allegany County look good with this fine document.”

Mr. Dirlam continued his remarks explaining “The plan includes a newly updated Appendix Y that has an inventory of all open space assets in the county including fishing, kayak locations, forests, Town/Village parks, school facilities, and natural assets.  It also includes a project list in Appendix Z that was developed with input by the Towns, Villages and agencies throughout the County.  This shows that there is over $270,000,000 of currently known needed projects within our County.  The document includes over 35 new maps of various topics as well as updated data on population and demographics.”

Originally created and approved by the Allegany County Legislature in 2008, Allegany County’s Comprehensive Plan provides a framework for growth and development objectives and strategies, and helps ensure appropriate provision of community services.  The 2013 update was an award winning plan that received praise from the New York Upstate Chapter of the American Planning Association and the NY Planning Federation.  Action areas encompassed in the 2019 revision of the Comprehensive Plan include Economic Development, Community and Rural Character, Infrastructure, and Government.

Later this month final hard copy versions of the Comprehensive Plan will be printed and distributed to the Legislators, County Departments, Towns, Villages, Agencies, Libraries and those needing a copy. The final electronic version of the Comprehensive Plan with access to all appendices and maps will also be made available online at later in September.