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2/22/23-Allegany County Recognizes John C. Fleischman, Long-time Emergency Services Volunteer

Press Release
February 23, 2023

For Release: Immediately
Confirmation: W. Brooke Harris, Chairman
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Allegany County Recognizes Long-time Emergency Services Volunteer

The Allegany County Legislature started their meeting agenda on February 22 with a recognition of a committed fire and emergency medical services volunteer.

The Board unanimously approved Resolution 85-23, “Recognizing and Thanking John C. Fleischman for his Extraordinary Contributions to the Betterment of Allegany County.”

The resolution highlights five decades of both fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) volunteer work. Fleischman joined the Wellsville Volunteer Ambulance Company in 1973 as a Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). In the years since, he has continually upgraded his qualifications, rising first to Advanced EMT, followed by a certification in EMT Critical Care, and is now an accredited Paramedic. In addition to his work with the Wellsville Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Mr. Fleischman serves with the Amity Rescue Squad and the Andover Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

Fleischman is similarly devoted to volunteer firefighting. He joined the Wellsville Fire Department Dyke Street Engine Company Number 2 in 1975. Within the Company, he has served in numerous officer’s roles, is a Past Chief, and continues to be an active member.

In 1976, Fleischman joined the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office as a Corrections Officer. During his 31- year career in law enforcement, he was promoted to Chief Deputy Sheriff (1978), Sergeant in 1985, and retired in 2007 as a Deputy Sheriff Sergeant within the Office’s Civil Division. Beyond his duties within the Sheriff’s Office, Fleischman has served as part-time officer in numerous local police agencies, including Andover, Angelica, Bolivar, Wellsville, and Willing.

Legislator James Rumfelt (District IV, Andover) applauded Fleischman’s contributions to the County. “We’re honored to be able to recognize your tireless work in public safety and emergency services. On behalf of the Board of Legislators, thank you for your many years of both volunteer service and law enforcement.”


02 23 23 Harris Alleg Co Press Release Recognition Of John Fleischman

Allegany Co Res No 85 23 Recognizing & Thanking John Fleischman For Contribution To Bettermentof Allegany County