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2/22/23-Chairman Harris Proclaims March 1-7, 2023, as Weights & Measures Week

Weights and Measures Week – March 1-7, 2023

Whereas, the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) announced that Weights and Measures Week will be March 1-7, 2023, to commemorate President John Adams’ signing of the first United States Weights and Measures Law on March 2, 1799; and

Whereas, one pound still equals 16 ounces, one mile still equals 5,280 feet, and one gallon still equals 231 cubic inches. The measurement does not change; however, the measuring devices and systems have evolved greatly since the early 20th century from mechanical, to electronic, to the proverbial black box, to the cloud-based measurement systems of today ; and

Whereas, weights and measures standards have been developed to accommodate the expanding technologies of the 21st century, and we owe a great debt of gratitude to the regulators and industry representatives for their ability to come together to adapt and provide reasonable commercial standards for the fast-paced changes in the American marketplace; and

Whereas, Weights and Measures Inspectors protect the marketplace for consumers and businesses, whether that be at a supermarket or a gas station in the great tradition of the NCWM motto, ‘That Equity May Prevail”;

Now, Therefore, I, W. Brooke Harris, Chairman of the Allegany County Board of Legislators, hereby proclaim March 1-7, 2023, as Weights and Measures Week in Allegany County.

W. Brooke Harris, Chairman
Allegany County Board of Legislators

Dated: February 22, 2023 Belmont, New York.

02 22 23 Weights And Measures Week March 1 7, 2023