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News Release: Hasbro Recalls Super Soaker XP 20 and XP 30 Water Blasters Due to Violation of Federal Lead Content Ban; Sold Exclusively at Target

The Allegany County Department of Health would like to remind residents that toys may contain lead based paint.  Hasbro has recalled the Super Soaker XP 20 and XP 30 Water Blasters due to a violation of Federal Lead Content Ban.  They were sold exclusively at Target stores.  The decorative sticker on the water tank of the water blaster toys has lead based paint in an amount that is too high for the federal lead based paint ban.  Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause problems with growth, behavior, and ability to learn.

For more information on the Super Soaker recall, getting a refund and to see a picture of the items go to  For more information about other products recalled for high levels of lead based paint go to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website at  The CPSC is a great website to look up recalls of any type of product for reasons like causing fall injuries, causing burns, etc.

You may also call the Allegany County Department of Health at (585)268-9250 for more information.

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