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Projects will Enhance Rural Transit Services and Support Upstate Economies

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced $57.7 million in state and federal funding for 136 rural public transportation projects statewide. The initiative will support rural public transportation operations; help local communities procure new clean-fuel, ADA accessible buses and related equipment; enhance coordination between local transportation agencies through mobility management and employment services; and construct new transit-related infrastructure, including facilities, passenger shelters and technology enhancements.

“Transportation infrastructure is the lifeblood of our economy and the key to future growth,” Governor Cuomo said. “This funding will bolster upstate mobility operations and help ensure that all New Yorkers, regardless of their location, will have a transportation infrastructure they can rely on.”

In Allegany County we will receive $576,000 in operating assistance, $323,000 to replace five transit buses, $144,000 for a charging station and communication equipment and $602,000 for projects that support mobility.  Much of this funding Is the normal aid the county receives and is for 2017 and 2018 operating years. There are five buses to be purchased over time. The County has a peak fleet of seven (total buses that would be operating at the same time).  All five buses are not purchased at one time, procurement of new buses occurs when appropriate.  The charging stations will be located at the new Park and Ride facility that was recently completed at the Crossroads Center. The remaining funding of $602,000 listed is for the Mobility Management Services for the County which encompasses a multitude of initiatives that support and address the mobility needs of our community including: access to services; coordination; awareness, education, and outreach; and system improvements.

“As Chair of the Regional Economic Development Councils, I have seen how New York’s investment in infrastructure has transformed our Upstate economy,” said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. “This latest infusion of funding for new buses and transportation-related projects in communities across the state will go a long way toward modernizing transit systems and ensuring all New Yorkers have easy access to public transportation.”

The funding will be administered by the New York State Department of Transportation and supported through grants from the Federal Transit Administration. In all, funds will be awarded to 51 program participants including, 39 municipalities, three transportation authorities, one tribal nation, and eight intercity bus operators serving rural areas throughout the state. Collectively, these services support more than five million passenger trips annually and provide a vital role in the rejuvenation of the state’s upstate towns and villages.

Recipients of this funding will receive $34.3 million for vehicle replacement and infrastructure renewal projects and $23.4 million to support service operations. This $57.7 million in new state and federal investments will leverage nearly $85 million in rural transportation improvements across the state.

The capital funds awarded under this initiative will accelerate the deployment of 162 new clean-fuel ADA accessible vehicles, replacing and modernizing approximately 19 percent of the total rural transit fleet. In addition, this funding will support vehicle maintenance and storage facility rehabilitation and modernization; enhanced passenger amenities such as shelters, communication systems and security; and provide mobility management services.

New York State Department of Transportation Acting Commissioner Paul A. Karas said, “With today’s investment, we are able to support essential public transportation services that enhance mobility and strengthen communities by modernizing buses, facilities and other related capital equipment and improving services. Public transportation investment is a key component of a strong local economies throughout New York.”

Senator Joe Robach, Chair of the Transportation Committee said, “Today’s announcement ensures that funding will be available to rural communities across the state for critically important infrastructure and transportation improvements. Public transportation is vital to the economic well-being of communities and this funding will to help to make certain that New York State is continuing to work towards a modern, 21st century infrastructure and transit system for all its residents.”

Assemblyman David Gantt, Chair of the Committee on Transportation said, “Transportation is the life blood of local communities across New York State. These grants will bolster local transportation networks, while breathing new life into the state’s economy and helping its citizens reach their destinations safely every day.”

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