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Police Officers Week May 12-18 & Peace Officer Day May 15 Proclamation

Police Officer Week – May 12-18, 2024
Peace Officer Memorial Day – May 15, 2024

WHEREAS, by Presidential Executive Order and Resolution of the Congress, May 15 of each year is recognized as Peace Officer’s Memorial Day, honoring all law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty; and

WHEREAS, the week in which Peace Officer Memorial Day falls is celebrated as National Police Week, recognizing the important role that law enforcement officers play in safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all citizens; and

WHEREAS, law enforcement officers perform an essential public service under difficult circumstances, and the vast majority of law enforcement officers are selfless public servants who accept as part of their profession being exposed to great danger in order to protect the life and property of others; and

 WHEREAS, these dedicated officers deserve to be honored for their willingness to perform that essential public service on behalf of all our citizens; and

WHEREAS, the Allegany County Legislature wishes to acknowledge the difficult job we ask our Deputy Sheriffs and other police officers to perform and thank them for their willingness to do it; and

WHEREAS, the Allegany County Legislature desires to recognize and honor all those law enforcement officers who, over the years, have lost their lives in the line of duty; and

WHEREAS, the Allegany County Legislature does hereby acknowledge and honor the service of our Deputy Sheriffs as well as all other police officers who have served and are serving in the County;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, W. Brooke Harris, Chairman of the Allegany County Board of Legislators, do hereby declare May 15, 2024, as Peace Officer Memorial Day and the week of May 12 to 18, 2024, as Police Officer Week in Allegany County.


 W. Brooke Harris, Chairman
Allegany County Board of Legislators

Dated: May 8, 2024
Belmont, New York


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