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Town of Cuba Land Status

Allegany County was recently notified by President Maurice John of the Seneca Nation of Indians of their intent to move forward with the placement of lands into restricted fee status for the purpose of housing and possible commercial development. The lands referred to are in the Town of Cuba and are immediately contiguous and adjacent to the Oil Spring Reservation. This notice to Allegany County, fulfills requirements under the Seneca Nation Settlement Act of 1990, 25 U.S.C. §1774 et seq. Along with this official notification, conversation with the leadership of the Seneca Nation has resulted in possible mutual advantages in properly positioning and marketing the former Tracewell Manufacturing Facility in Cuba. This facility is approximately 92,000 square feet designed for advanced manufacturing and originally used as an electronics assembly plant and is well suited as an economic development tool. The Seneca Nation has owned this property and facility since 2008. Allegany County looks forward to a positive relationship with the Seneca Nation in the property development and marketing of this facility.   Along with this relationship, comes opportunity for joint community development projects that celebrate our rich history, the Nation’s cultural presence, and opportunities to utilize our higher education institutions of Allegany County.   As this relationship develops further, information will be shared.